Below are the final documents Red Rock Engineering produced working on the Sinclair Wash. 

Photo Gallery

Below are images taken by Red Rock Engineering of the work that has taken place. To see all pictures and figures please see the Final Report Appendices. 

Station 2+80 Thalweg 
Looking Upstream

Station 0+70 Thalweg 
Looking Downstream

Ponded Water in 
Station 0+00 Thalweg 
from Snow Melt

Triple Barrel Culvert

Triple Barrel Culvert
Outlet & Scour Pool

FUTS Crossing of 
Sinclair Wash

Ponding at Scour 
Pool from Snow Melt

Siberian Elm
Invasive Species

Creeping Barberry 
Native Species

Golden Tickseed
Invasive Species

Field Bindweed
Noxious Species

Silvery Cinquefoil
Native Species

Sample Retained on 
No. 4 Sieve

Sample Retained on 
No. 140 Sieve

All pictures taken by members of Red Rock Engineering.