2015 Northern Arizona University Concrete Canoe



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2015 Northern Arizona University Concrete Canoe

The American Society of Civil Engineers National Concrete Canoe Competition (ASCE NCCC) takes place every year in several different regions across the United States. Northern Arizona University (NAU) competes in the Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC), which includes 18 schools and is considered the most competitive region in the country. During the school year, participating schools design, construct, display, and race their concrete canoes. The canoe specifications are regulated by the NCCC through rules they release at the beginning of the school year. In addition to the physical canoe portion of the competition, a design report and presentation must be provided.

Team Photo
2015 NAU Concrete Canoe Team
From Left to Right: Ramon Aguilar, Jeremy DeGeyter, Cynthia Alvarez, Kristin Van Sciver, and Matt Snyder
Photo by Noel Cruz

2015 NAU Concrete Canoe Mentees
From Left to Right: Emily Melkesian, Brent Lipar, Evan Kaichi and Chelsie Kekaula
Photo by Jeremy DeGeyter


ASCE National Concrete Canoe Website