2015 Northern Arizona University Concrete Canoe

2015 Northern Arizona University Concrete Canoe
Conference Information and Results

The Canoe Competition was held at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ, April 9-11th, 2015. We finished 3rd overall, just missing out on a trip to the National Competition. This is the best NAU finish in over 15 years! We also finished 1st in Final Product, which essentially means we had the best canoe there. We finished 3rd in the Oral Presentation, 4th in the Design Paper, and 4th overall in Paddling, with a 3rd place in the Men's Sprint!
Dreadnoughtus and the Team

See below for pictures, videos, and final results.

Final Canoe Results
On Display
After the Oral Presentation
Men's Endurance
Women's Endurance
Coed Race Team
Awards Dinner

Men's Endurance Race

Women's Endurance Race

Coed Race

Men's Sprint Final