For your viewing pleasure, we present The Steel Bridge

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The Projects

What is this?
The final form of our hard work.
What is this?
A side view of our selected design. A Pratt Truss selected for its strength in compression and also use of diagonal tension members to avoid buckling issues
What is this?
A view of joint/member integration using our selected material HSS square tubing
What is this?
An individual component, pre-constructed for accelerated bridge construction methods
What is this?
A view of an extended member using small 1’’X 2.5” plates to allow for usage of longer members within competition rules
What is this?
Another side view of our newly designed joint

Key Items

  • + Design and build a 1:10 scale model bridge to span the Spodumene River
  • +Construction must occur within a limited time window using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods
  • +A 1:10 scale model of our teams bridge design will be erected at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Pacific South West Conference (PSWC) based on an elaborate score sheet provided by the organization
  • +Demonstrate real design implications and methods using the 1:10 scale model