CS476, Requirements Engineering


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Here they are: Capstone Spring 2024 Projects

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Capstone Spring 2023 Projects

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About the course...

Welcome to the Computer Science Capstone Design Sequence!! The sequence spans an entire academic year (two semesters) and is based on students working in small teams to complete a real project from a real client under the mentorship of CS faculty and staff. It is, in essence, a semi-independent software consulting experience, where you have to bring your entire undergraduate skillset together to tackle a challenging larger software problem...much like many of you will be doing in industry after you graduate. Thus, it is truly a "capstone" to your undergraduate training.

In ages past, apprentices were required to create a "master work" to mark the completion of their apprenticeship and to prove their expertise. You should view these projects as your master works, proof that you deserve your CS degree and are ready for professional practice in the working world. Take advantage of this: really make this a signature effort that you can keep in your portfolio and show off to future clients and employers.

Of course, this is still a class and your team mentor and other CS faculty are still here to guide you in this first realistic project effort. Your relationship with your mentors should evolve in this year, however, with the team moving towards more and more independence and self-initiative, reflecting your evolution towards full membership in our community of practice as professional computer scientists and software developers.

The CS Capstone sequence is composed of two courses: CS476-Requirements engineering (2 credits+ lab), where projects are selected assigned and moved through the requirements and early design phase; and CS486 Capstone Design (4 credits), which is focused around implementation, testing, refinement and delivery of the software to the client.


Interested in becoming a Capstone Sponsor?

Need free software? Are you willing to give back and engage with a student team to get it? We are always interested in increasing our pool of potential Capstone sponsors and making connections with new people and companies. If you have a project in mind, or would just like to know more about submitting a challenging software development project for consideration, please visit our Capstone Sponsor Website.