NAU HCC 2024

Project Documents

Final Site: Kentucky River Lock and Dam #4 will be converted to a hydroelectric dam with a solar power plant co-development opportunity integrated into the site plan.

site plan site plan drawing


The documents from our capstone assignments and competition deliverables are included below on this page:

Presentation 1: Introduction to our project and the competition requirements. Contains initial modeling, budget and various other senior design capstone requirements.

Presentation 2: The second presentation contains a more detailed project description, with concept generations and engineering calculations.

Presentation 3: The design proposal presentation finalized our design description and design requirements. Additional engineering calculations and design validation helped to verify our proposed design.

Report 1: Report 1 contains all research and preliminary designs related to our project.

Report 2: Report 2 contains the senior design capstone requirements and our competition specific progress. This conceptual design report includes the project background, requirements, research within our design space, design concepts, schedule and budget, and design validation and initial prototyping.

1st Prototpe Demo: The first prototype demo showcases a physical prototype to better understand the layout of our proposed design. The virtual aspect of the prototype was created to answer questions on flow data at our selected site.

2nd Protoype Demo: The second prototype consisted of two virtual prototypes that explore specific questions related to flow modeling.

Final CAD: This document contains multiple iterations of our CAD drawings, and layouts from potential site selections research. The final dam selection and nearby infrastructure is also highlighted.

Project Management: This document reflects on our team's output from semester 1, and focuses on plans going into the second semester of the project.

NAU HCC Mid-year Design Challenge: The updates to our facility design is highlighted in this report for our competition.

NAU HCC Mid-year Siting Challenge: Our progress on narrowing down our site selection to three sites is outlined in this document.

NAU HCC Mid-year Interview Summary and Outreach: This document contains interviews with industry professionals to gain insight on the hydropower and renewable energy industry.

NAU HCC Mid-year Team Overview: Our team history and overview document highlights our team made up of mechanical annd elctrical engineering students.

Engineering Calculations Summary: As a part of NAU's capstone class, a calculations summary was required, but due to the nature of our project, the HCC mid-year submission deliverable replaced this assignment. The HCC mid-year deliverable consists of our team's top three site selections, validation, and environmental impacts.

Hardware Status Update - 33% Build: This status update focuses on the progress of our project, with the goal being for us to be a third of the way complete with our design project. The document includes our site selection and preliminary plans for the non-powered dam conversion.

Hardware Status Update - 67% Build: This document contains a progress update of our design and analysis.  

Hardware Status Update - 100% Build: Our final status updates contains refined designs with StreamDiver sizing, generation and site plans with our integrated co-development solar generation site. This is the last design update for the facility design with final updates given in the finalized testing plan.                

Finalized Testing Plan: This document contains our final testing, and project risks and summary to align better with our competition requirements.

Product Demo and Final Testing Results: This final testing update shows our design requirements have been met, and includes outreach events.

HCC Final Siting and Design Report: This final report contains our final siting and facility design for the Collegiate Hydropower Competition. This report is compilation of our work thoughout the duration of the project.

HCC Final Community Connections Report: This final report contains our final community connnections updates and industry interviews conducted.

Project Description