Design Description

 Our project design revolves around an innovative, automated machine for the assembly of magnetic bearings - a critical component in motor production. By leveraging key technological components such as a Concentrator Stapler, Magnet Stapler, Rotating Base, Direct Drive Motor System, Pneumatic Actuator, and a PLC System, we have engineered a solution that significantly reduces the production time from several hours to mere minutes for a single assembly cycle.


 The Concentrator Stapler and The Magnet Stapler 

At the heart of the design, the Concentrator Stapler and Magnet Stapler function as the primary assembly mechanisms. Both incorporate a two-piston operation powered by pneumatic actuators for precision and reliability. Concentrators and magnets are loaded into the respective guiding channels, and through a sequence of pneumatic piston movements, they are pushed into precise positions onto the magnetic ring. The strategic use of magnetic attraction in the Magnet Stapler further ensures a smooth transition of the magnets into the correct placement.

 The Rotating Base

 The Rotating Base, a stable base plate with a free-spinning center attached to a shaft, offers a rotation mechanism for the magnetic ring. Equipped with a rail, it enables the sliding of the ring in and out of position between operations, allowing for a continuous, smooth assembly process.

 The Direct Drive Motor System and The Pneumatic Actuator 

The Direct Drive Motor System and the Pneumatic Actuator are vital to maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of the assembly process. The Direct Drive Motor, delivering high torque at low rotational speeds, controls the rotation of the magnetic ring. The elimination of transmission means fewer chances of component failure, ensuring a smoother operation. On the other hand, the Pneumatic Actuator, which converts compressed air into mechanical motion, serves as a quick and reliable firing mechanism for both the Concentrator and Magnet Stapler, thus offering precise and consistent movement for component insertion.

 PLC System 

Finally, our PLC system is the automation centerpiece of the entire machine. Once loaded and started, the machine can perform the entire assembly process without human interaction, embodying true automation. By controlling and coordinating all the individual components, the PLC system ensures a significant reduction in assembly time and a notable increase in production efficiency. Together, these components form an interconnected assembly system that vastly improves efficiency, reduces costs, and accelerates the process of manufacturing magnetic rings. We have designed a machine that not only meets but exceeds customer requirements, offering a future-ready solution for automated assembly in motor production.


Pneumatic Manufacturing Stapler