Testing Strategy

Our team needed to conduct an experioment to test the effectivness of the vibration dampening structure. To do this, we used two ADXL355 accelerometers to measure the acceleration at two places, the scanning tip and the testing table. The team would conduct 12 total tests. Testing 4 different build configurations: Full dampening with acoustic box, Full Dampening without Acoustic Box, No Concrete Base, and a Baseline test that included only the structure. Each of these configurations was tested under three amplitudes of excitation: an Active test that included hitting the table and talking, a Semi-Active test that included stomping around the room and talking but not touching the table, and an In-Active test where no movement of sound was made in the room. The resultys from these tests are shown below.

Frequency Domain - Full Test

Frequency Domain Full Graphs

Frequency Domain - Baseline Test

Frequency Domain Baseline Graphs

Frequency Domain - No Base Test

Frequency Domain No-Base Graphs

Frequency Domain - No Box Test

Frequency Domain No Box Graphs

Time Domain - Full Test

Time Domain Full Graphs

Time Domain - Baseline Test

Time Domain Baseline Graphs

Time Domain - No Base Test

Time Domain No-Base Graphs

Time Domain - No Box Test

Time Domain No Box Graphs