DaJae Doral

Project Manager
Manufacturing Engineer

DaJae was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a Senior seeking a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University. DaJae has always had a significant interest in physics and math and thought Mechanical Engineering would be an excellent way to channel those interests. After graduating from NAU, she will pursue a doctorate degree in mechanical engineering with a focus in solid mechanics.   

Andrés Aguilera

Financial Manger
CAD Engineer

Through clear communication as well as teamwork, Andrés aims to accomplish tasks that remove obstacles and resolve problems. Using acquired knowledge and experience, he wishes to help people in an efficient manner – one which is productive to himself and useful to communities.

Michael Nelson

Logistics Manager
Test Engineer
Web Developer

Michael is a student at NAU in the progress of aquiring a bachelors of science in Engineering. Normally he is the Sous Chef at Forest Highlands Golf Club.

Secondary Client
David Michael Willy
Senior Lecturer NAU
Carson Marty Pete
Lecturer NAU
Morgan Stine and Brad Kraft