Robot Utility Tank (R.U.T) 

The Project

For this project, the team has been tasked to reverse engineer a heavy duty robotic system with two big challenges:

1) The budget assigned for this project is $2000.00 USD, which is 9 times less than the original design we are reverse engineering.

2) The design must be able to perofrm similarly to the original design in which this project is based on. 

On the left side, you can see a CAD model of our current design we are implementing. 

The team has completed the build and testing of R.U.T and determined the final outcomes of the project. Our design weighs 97 pounds and can carry a maximum payload of 200 pounds.Our designs average top speed unloaded is 2.1 Mph. See the other sections for more details on our project.  




This project has been funded by the Mecanichal Engineering Department of NAU. The direct contact between the team and the school is Dr. David Willy. David has professional experience in renewable energy, manufacturing, design, and contract engineering.