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The eBaja Project
ME Subteam

Our sister Electrical Engineering team's page
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EBaja - EE

EBaja Project Goal

The main goal of the eBaja project is to take a previously constructed Baja vehicle and convert it to run on electric power. This involves the removal of the vehicle's combustion components and their replacement by electrical components that will be planned out by our sister EE team.

Why eBaja?

The eBaja project serves as a proof of concept for electric vehicle capstone project's going forward. It shows that two teams of different disciplines can work together effectively and efficiently and can complete a project on time and underbudget. It is also proof that an eBaja competition vehicle can be constructed by a team at NAU and can be brought to an operational point in a reasonable amount of time.

Team Objective

The objective of our subteam is to restore the vehicle to a functional state, this includes the reattachment and restoration of the suspension, steering, and braking systems. Then, to attach the components designed by our Electrical sister team to the frame and ensure that the vehicle is functional and safe for the operator to drive.

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