Northrop Grumman Project

Northern Arizona University Capstone 20F15


Most vehicles that Northrop Grumman Space Systems flies have a requirement to keep their payload air conditioned. This air is blown into the fairing through a specific door in the fairings of the vehicle prior to launch. Recently,the Antares rocket door design is presenting negative side effects from the typical use of heritage design implementation to modified vehicle designs. Due to pressure differential and steep trajectories during flight door is easily unlatching, causing high air leakage. The team's objective is to design, anaylze, and build a protoype door latching system that is insensitive to pressure differences that may be seen in any flight.


Our advisors included Dr. David Trevas and Dr. Sarah Oman of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Northern Arizona University. Learn more about the advisors from NAU pages 1 and 2.


Our client and sponsor for this project is Northrop Grumman. We are being lead by mechanical engineers Daniel Johnson and Kaitlyn Barr. To learn more about the company's work, explore the Northrop Grumman webiste.

Meet the Team

6 member team picture in front of NAU engineering building.