Team Biographies

Jonathan Chin

Jonathan is a Physics and Mechanical Engineering student at Northern Arizona University. His primary contributions lie in time management, organization, and logistics. Beyond Capstone, Jonathan is also the Principal Investigator of a research project seeking to synthesis artificial chlorosomes to enhance photovoltaic cells. After graduation, he will be attending Graduate School is pursuit of a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering.

Anthony El-Shamsi

Anthony is completing his Senior year pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University. My passion for engineering is fueled by my love for understanding how things work, designing, and turning designs into reality.

Alyssa Lessard

Alyssa is a Mechanical Engineering student at Northern Arizona University. For this Capstone project, she is primarily in charge of the financials. Her strengths include being self-motivated, being a team player, strong communication skills, and strong organizational skills. Outside of Capstone, Alyssa is a TA for ME180 at Northern Arizona university and a children's ski instructor at Arizona Snowbowl. Alyssa is actively looking for a career in the Mechanical Engineering field.

Alexandria Brown

Alexandria is a Mechanical Engineering student at Northern Arizona University. Her official title regarding Capstone is document manager but she also works with concept generation and design. In conjunction with Capstone Alexandria works as a grader for ME180, an admin for the advising office, and as an ambassador for the College of Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences at Northern Arizona University. She is actively looking for a career as a Mechanical Engineer.

Maxwell Rascon

Maxwell is a Senior year Mechanical Engineering student and experienced Student Support Tech at Northern Arizona University. Maxwell considers himself a hobbyist maker and a lifetime learner. Maxwell has interests in engineering and information technology with experience in both categories. Maxwell is seeking a position that incorporates his interests and experience while allowing him to branch out and learn more.

Jackson Edwards

Jackson is a Mechanical Engineering student at Northern Arizona University. His primary capstone contributions lie in design, component testing and building prototypes. His strengths include being self motivated, being a hard worker and building anything with any material. Beyond capstone Jackson works as a waiter at a local restaurant, a construction worker from time to time and a project engineer for an Alaska construction company during the summer months. Following graduation Jackson is hoping to enter into the engineering field as a Mechanical or Civil engineer.