Capstone Project 20F11: NASA Psyche Mission: Robotic Explorer

Isaac Anderson
Budget Liaison,

Isaac Anderson is majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University. He is interested in developing clean energy sources.

Kate Collette
Website Designer,

Kate Collette is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Comparative Cultural Studies at Northern Arizona University. She chose her educational path to help create a more sustainable future, designing products with regards to their human and environmental impact.

John Dynda
Documet Manager,

John Dynda is a senior at Northern Arizona University where he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. His interests in mechanical engineering developed from his curiosity of how things work. He is interested in turbine propulsion and energy generation.

Jacob Sasse
Client Contact,

Jacob Sasse is a Mechanical Engineering major at Northern Arizona University. Anything that involves space and space travel is his passion, as well as using his knowledge to design and create things that benefit today’s world. His hobbies include 3-D designing and printing to create movie props.

Chad Schafer
Document Manager,

Chad Schafer is majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University. His passion is to further the exploration of natural resources for the benefit of mankind.

Eric "Sean" Sullivan
Project Manager,

Sean is studying mechanical engineering at NAU. He is the current NAU ASME club vice-chair and has held other officer positions as well as being an active competition team member. His main career focus is building rovers and other remote operated vehicles or robotics.

He has 10 years experience working as a volunteer coach/mentor to FIRST robotics teams and has a passion for additive manufacturing technologies.

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