The Team

Chancelor Cuddeback - Client Contact

Chancelor works in the Biomechatronics lab at NAU. He is very interested in robotics, controls, and human machine interfacing. Chancelor’s enthusiasm and love for knowledge will help continuously push the team forward.




Abdulrahman Alshammari - Document Manager

 Abdulrahman is an INTJ personality (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging). Being Intuitive is a good thing when it comes to building a project such as Exoskeleton. He can bring good thoughts because he is a thinker personality style. He can help the team with Judging especially when it comes to the final design. Abdul is responsible for all documents including CAD models, computer codes, standards, references and meeting minutes and agendas.




Callum Fisher - Project Manager 

Callum is very passionate about rehabilitation technology and robotics that help people in their everyday lives. Is willing to learn new skills to help the team in any way possible to make any task that needs to be overcome easier and will use all the past management skills to organize the team the best way possible. 





Alex Frieden - Budget Liaison 

 Alex has had past experience keeping track of purchases and balancing a budget for several other personal projects. These personal projects required him to be aware of the budget constraints while also researching the best parts able to be purchased which will help to keep the team on budget and on track.






Joshua Davidson - Website Developer 

 Joshua has previous experience with graphic design, and has worked with a team to create a new logo and set of merchandise for a school (Horizon Honors High School located in Phoenix). He can work to bring together everyone's ideas for a visual style and work to create a professional 20F09_ExoskeletonActuator everyone can be proud to show to future employers.







Client - Dr. Zachary Lerner 



Web: Biomechatronics Lab 

Office: Engineering Building, Room 210 




Technical Advisor - Dr. Sarah Oman 


Phone: 928-523-0468 

Office: Engineering Building, Room 261