Project Information

REQUIRED Information

Project Orekhov has conducted an in-depth literature review to evaluate the state of the field. This has allowed the team to work diligently towards a working solution ascertained from the failures and success of other devices. Project Orekhov identified two primary categories of devices that provide assistance to the hand and upper limb: therapeutic devices, and engineering (research) devices. A brief explanation of each type of device is provided below.

Bridging the gap between engineering devices and therapeutic devices

Therapeutic Devices

Benefits Shortcomings
Light and Portable Little or no dynamic assistance
Affordable Little to no research potential
Easily adjustable One device adresses one function
Low maintenance Relies on straps, buckles, and fasteners
Verified clinical benefit

Engineering Devices

Benefits Shortcomings
Dynamic assistance Bulky and Heavy
Precise controllability Expensive
Multiple degrees of freedom Often uncomfortable
Provides direct feedback Clinical benefit is rarely verified
High maintenance