BDL 3 - InVitro Neurovascular Cast System

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Project Summary

The goal of this project is to build upon a previous prototype of a system designed to simulate vascular defects and vessels branches using synthetic materials. The system will be used to test new microcatheter treatments for aneurysms. The system must be able to be sanitized and run for up to one month. The team must also incorporate a pulsatile pump for the system in order to simulate human blood flowing through the system.

Jacob Maack

Jacob Maack works as the team’s Manufacturing Engineer. Jacob contributes to the team with his previous experience on similar projects, his experience in programming, and his experience in the Advanced Fluid Mechanics class.

Ali Rouhaldin

Ali Rouhaldin is a student in mechanical engineering, works as the team CAD engineer and analyzer. He uses his knowledge on previously taken classes to contribute on the project and is eager to acquire new knowledge that will help the team success in reaching its goal.

Ian Smith

Ian Smith fill the roles of Test Engineer, and Financial Manager. Ian brings experience to the team such as 8 years of experience manufacturing transcatheter medical devices. Also experience in providing technical support to in-vitro medical device test equipment.

Grant Williams

Grant is the team's project manager and logistics manager. Grant works to ensure that the team is always on schedule, and delivers what the client expects. Grant is experienced in working with fluid dynamics and testing flows of different systems.

Client Information

Dr. Becker is the primary client of this project. Dr. Becker is working on developing new aneurysm treatments using microcatheters