Meet the Team


Connor Mackenzie (Project Manager and Client Contact) is a reliable team member, who is not afraid to let others know when they need to “pick up the slack,” hence why he was made project manager. Furthermore, he is responsible and willing to help others when they encounter problems with their work. Connor was also named the client contact due to his strong communicative skills. As project manager, Connor will be in charge of the planning and execution of the project, as well as be the first point of contact when any other group member encounters a barrier. As the client contact, Connor will be the only person in direct contact with the client outside of client meetings. He will carbon copy the other team members on each email that he sends, but at no point will the other team members contact the client directly. Overall, after discussion, the team found that Connor was best fit for the roles of Project Manager and Client Contact based on his personality traits outlined above.

Trevor Fox (Document Manager), excels in a team setting. Trevor enjoys collaborating with others in order to achieve a common goal. Trevor was assigned Document Manager because he has proven to be punctual and responsible with due dates. Trevor will also be heavily involved in making sure meeting minutes are documented properly and effectively. He believes that this is very important for the team's success and will ensure it gets done properly. In order for the team to go above and beyond expectations, it is important that they have the ability to go back and look through previously documented meetings to see what went well and what didn't go as planned. Through this process the team will be able to evaluate their progress and assess any issues that may come up. With that being said, properly documented meeting minutes is a very important way of achieving this.  

Kevin McCue (Website Developer) Is a determined individual, Kevin has a knack for learning and is excited to try his hands at creating the team’s website. Kevin believes that the website will be a useful to the team in terms of organization as well as useful to the public to remain up to date with the teams progress. Though Kevin has no prior knowledge in website development, he feels as though it will be a useful skill to have, and he is excited to learn. Along with Kevin’s determination, he is also an experienced welder, which could prove useful later on in the project.


Rashed Altaan (Budget Liaison) Rashed is a hardworking and loves to work with others. Rashed is happy to be the Budget Liaison and Rashed believes that he can handle it because of his managment skills. Rashed is a grader in ME 291 and this experience can be useful for the team.