Team 08 - Sumo Bot A

Team Meeting Minutes

Sumo Robot Competition

Two robots compete in a head-to-head match following the basic system of traditional human sumo matches. Robots are allowed no weapons, and are not allowed to flip each other. The sole purpose is a pushing match between the two robots to force the other from the arena. In addition to the sumo robot competition our team will be designing a combat robot. A combat robot is allowed to possess weapons and destroy other robots.

Weight Classes

The following table illustrates the requirements that our team's robots must meet in order to compete.

Mega Sumo Autonomous
20.0 cm
20.0 cm
3,000 g
Mega Sumo R/C
20.0 cm
20.0 cm
3,000 g


The combat robot does not fall into a specfic weight category.



The sponsor for this competition is Northern Arizona University's Mechanical Engineering Department.


Team Information

All team members are graduating with a mechanical engineering degree in May of 2017.

Hunter Lane -

Graham Rose -

Sean Sussman -

Jordan Ziegler -



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