The Problem


Dr. Ciocanel is currently using an Instron machine and two magnetic dipoles to test a small specimen of Ni2MnGa, a magnetic shape memory alloy. Though the specimen is being tested vertically in compression in conjunction with a magnetic field, Dr. Ciocanel desires to test it under stress in an additional, lateral dimension. Our client requests a system be developed to apply forces up to 180 N in the axis normal to the existing compression and magnetic field axes. This force must be user-inputtable to allow testing in various capacities.


Furthermore, the specimen deforms laterally under vertical compression, causing additional stress to occur. Thus, the system we develop must be accordingly adjustable so as to maintain a constant force on the specimen.


Some constraints placed on this design include the small space available, and a budget of roughly $2500.




The Instron Machine


The Instron Machine is a testing apparatus capable of loading test specimen with substantial forces. Feel free to browse the gallery depicting our client’s particular Instron setup.









Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys


Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys, or MSMAs are ferromagnetic materials which exhibit large strains under the influence of an applied magnetic field.