Overview of Project

One of the major developmental issues that plagues third world countries the is lack of electricity. This problem is particularly severe in rural parts, which are away from major power production facilities and grid network. However, some of these regions have significant advantages in terms of harnessing wind energy. We would like to test the viability of building small-scale wind turbine from recyclable materials that are easily available from local junkyards. The primary objective of the project is to build a wind turbine that can extract enough energy to store 0.5 kWh per day (this calculation is based upon a 60 W light bulb and a 40 W fan running for 5 hours a day). The constraint on the project is that the total cost should not exceed $50.00 per turbine. Also, the turbine must be easily assembled, deployable, disassembled, and able to withstand high wind speeds. The parts used in the construction must be easily available from local stores or junkyards. Finally, the prototype built must be tested to observe the power curve against different wind speeds.