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Dr. John Tester


♦ Mechanical Engineering faculty member at Northern Arizona University
♦ Faculty Advisor for Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
♦ Sponsor for the project

What does the client want?

Fuel efficient vehicle with creative design to present NAU M.E.

Dr. John T. Tester, Associate Professor; Dr. Tester has held various positions in both commercial and military sectors as a mechanical engineer, a manufacturing processes engineer, and a systems engineer. His experience and education guide his research and teaching efforts in the areas of both design and manufacturing processes, with the intent of improving the connection between the two. His research interests include design for manufacturing, rapid prototyping, injection molding, electronic assembly, and CAD/CAM applications. Recently, he has been integrating CAD/CAM tools into biological modeling investigations.

He was assigned to a sabbatical research position at the National Renewable Research Laboratory’s ReFUEL (Renewable Fuels and Lubricants) Facility from 8/09 to 4/10 in Denver, CO.

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Society of Automotive Engineers(SAE)

Founded in 1905, the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) was developed to tackle the technical questions regarding automobiles of the time. In 1916, SAE was given the task of overseeing the standards of many industries, including aeronautics, tractors, and power boating. This led to the current name of Society of Automotive Engineers. Since then, SAE International has had a significant impact on the global engineering community. Today, SAE pursues the benefit of society regarding automotive industries through its global membership base.