What we did



Used to design the schematic and board layout of the expansion shield


Used to create the stand for the compute module inside its weather resistant container

Bantam Tools

Used to create a print job for the expansion shield


Used to design and test this website during development


Bantam PCB Router

Used to design impliment the PCB designed for the expansion shield


Used to print the stand for the compute module to rest on



The bigget and really only design tradeoff we had to make was that as we assembeled the first version of the expansion shield, we found out the coin cell you not fit between the arduino and expansion shield so we had to re-design the board to accomadate that which ment taking the time to re-run the traces for the components. Other than that, most all aspects went on as planned from the beggining.


Final Product

In the end, while our product may not hit every aspect of what we were originally asked, we were able to complete the hardware design before COVID-19 forced closed the nation. It does read the weather data and it can be used for such but it cannot communicate in any ways unfortunately. With that being said, we still had a plentiful amount of success in creating the hardware to allow these units to function as weather stations.