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Project Description: Recent advancements in the automobile industry have enabled “smart cars” to report road conditions from direct observations while driving. These cars use a variety of sensors, most notably including accelerometers. This project will build on that concept, but will instead focus on instrumenting a bicycle to report trail conditions.

Development of sensor logger: The objective of the capstone project is to develop instrumented bicycles that will be used to collect real-time information of infrastructure systems (corridors, bike roads, sidewalks, pedestrian paths, etc.), analyze field data, exam their quality, and provide recommendations to decision makers for improving the efficiency and ubiquitous use of bicycle mobility. A sensorized data logger system will be developed in the project under supervision of Dr. Winfree. The data logger will consist of an inertial measurement unit (accelerometer and gyroscope), Global Positioning System (GPS), wireless network adapter (wifi), microSD card data storage, and a battery. A Go-Pro will be connected with the data logger attached on the instrumented bicycles to capture images while cycling.

Our Goals

In the decades, people pay attention on the vehicles and there are masses of disruptive technologies like hybrid vehicles, self-driving vehicles and so on. The Instrumented Bikes is a new field and it is full of challenge. Now, although many scholars have begun to study this project in the Europe, there is no one involve this area in Asia and North American, we are interested in this technology and we want to be ahead of others. Another important reason is we realize the product is useful and meaningful in the future. As far as we know, there are lots of disused bikes in China, and people need to spend time and money disposing them. If we could make good use of these waste materials, we could save vast money and it is benefit to the environment.

Our Team

Jiawei Gao

Software Engineer

Liming Zheng

Hardware Engineer

Yan Dong

Software Engineer

Xiangyu Li

Hardware Engineer




Technical guidance

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This project will build on the concept that the cars use a variety of sensors, but will instead focus on instrumenting a bicycle to report trail conditions.

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Jiawei Gao, Liming Zheng, Yan Dong, Xiangyu Li

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