Project Description:

GoBabyGo is an international movement to empower children with disabilities to take control of their world. Children with limited mobility often do not receive the much needed exposure to socialization to appropriately cognitively develop. Existing research shows that enabling young children with self control of their own environment can have meaningful impacts on the long term outcomes given such impairments as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. The GoBabyGo (GBG) project at the University of Delaware has developed a set of DIY cars for families with children with mobility restrictions. These cars have been designed on commercially available ride on toy car platforms (like Power Wheels) and have been deployed world wide by the GBG team. These cars have shown to be a cost-effective means of enabling young children to move and interact with their peers. These cars, though very effective, has missed the mark for older and more able children. 

Project Goal:

The goal of this project will be to build a gaming system on top of a real world mobile platform. Rather than playing virtual tag, your project should support real world tag, but for children with movement disabilities (this is just one example). This will require two modified Wild Things.



The program began in 2012 with founder Cole Galloway at the University of Delaware.