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Team Members


Team Members (left to right) - Back Row: Zack Remley, Jesse Sunderland, Adam Clark - Front Row: Aaron Childers, Marissa Bell, Jose Mireles


PDF resumes are linked to each members name


Marissa Bell - Position: Team Leader - Hometown: Ridgecrest, CA - Hobbies: Sports, being outdoors


Aaron Childers - Position: Software Testing - Hometown: San Diego, CA - Hobbies: Video games, cooking, shooting


Jose Mireles - Position: Secretary / Editor - Hometown: Phoenix, AZ - Hobbies: Cooking, video games


Adam Clark - Position: Hardware Designer - Hometown: Tuba City, AZ - Hobbies: Chess, guitar


Jesse Sunderland - Position: Hardware Programer - Hometown: Phoenix, AZ - Hobbies: Video games, football, beer


Zack Remley - Position: Software Team Lead / Web Designer - Hometown: Gilbert, AZ - Hobbies: Video games, building computers