A Senior Capstone Design Group

Members: Aaron Hicks, Hashm Modir, Philip Martinez, Sultan Alenazi, Mohammed Almoslem
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Allison Kipple
Sponsor: Arizona Public Service

Project Overview:

In an effort to better understand the strength, frequency. and duration of voltage transients in residential power lines , our senior design team is producing a design for a portable transient detection system. This portable system will sense and record transients on 13.8 kV power lines by the linkage of an optical current transformer to recording and analyzing hardware. After this design is made, the team will do preliminary studies to investigate the strength of voltage transients caused by rapid changes in light upon photovoltaic arrays. In the preliminary studies we will establish a research base to justify the high cost of our portable design.

Presentation Date:

You are invited to view the presentation for this project, which will be held at the NAU Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium. The presentation will take place on April 29, 2011 at the DuBois Center. More details on the presentation can be found by following this link