The schedule for the EGR 286 Robotics Team, showing our phases.


  • Phase 1 (Oct 8 - Oct 29)
    • In this phase the team will define which microcontroller platform will be used for the controller.
  • Phase 2 (Oct 29 - Nov 8)
    • In this phase the ME Team will decide on the motors for this kit ,and the EE will decide on what sensors will come with the kit
  • Phase 3 (Nov 8 - Dec 5)
    • In this phase the ME Team will define and prototype the build system, and the EE team will design and prototype a connector system for the electronics. The system will include the connections from the motor, sensors, and LCD to the controller
  • Phase 4 (Dec 5 - Dec 12)
    • In this phase all the current work will be combined and the system as a whole will be assessed by both subsections. This is mainly to make sure that all work up to this point is valid before moving on
  • Phase 5 (Jan 15 - Jan 31)
    • In this phase the ME Team will create a power transmission system including defining what gear ratios will be possible. In addition, the team will create the casing for the controller using 16 the common shapes
    • And also the EE team will work on creating a C library of useful functions that the EGR-286 students can use while programming the controller
  • Phase 6 (Jan 31 - Feb 14)
    • In this phase both teams will test the user response to our product. Students from EGR 286 will be surveyed in order to find their preferences when it comes to these products. The team will also build and program the robot to perform an existing EGR-286 project
  • Phase 7 (Feb 14 - Feb 21)
    • In this phase both teams will determine the packaging that will be used to ship the product. This packaging will follow all of the specifications outlined in the problem definition.
  • Phase 8 ( Feb - Mar 21 )
    • In this phase both teams will work together to provide documentation on the robotics kits. This includes a user’s manual and suggestions for further maintenance