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  Portrait of Tom Wishon  
  Tom Wishon



The Leading Name in Clubmaking Technology!

Tom Wishon Golf Technology is the leading name in component clubmaking. After more than two decades in the clubmaking industry, Tom Wishon has formed his own company to offer professional clubmakers the very finest quality, innovation and performance in original clubhead, shaft, grip and clubmaking technology designs.

The author of 5 books and literally hundreds of magazine articles on clubmaking and clubfitting technology in his career, Tom has long been recognized by the clubmaking industry as the most knowledgeable source for truthful and up-to-date clubmaking and clubfitting technical information in the field.

Tom Wishon designs have won millions of dollars on the PGA Tour and he is a 10 year member of the Golf Digest magazine Technical Advisory Panel. More than 40 different golf equipment design "firsts" can be credited to Tom Wishon, including the first metal + graphite hybrid driver, the first titanium woods offered in the US, and the first to use the entire stiffness profile of shafts to fit golfers. As further verification of his skills, Tom also serves as a technical advisor for the PGA of America, where he writes a monthly column in the Equipment section.

Tom Wishon Golf Technology

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