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Teleconference Meeting Minutes

Teleconference Meeting Minutes 9/11/97

1. Meeting Time Confirmation

Client agreed on the current weekly teleconference time of 10:45 am Thursday for the rest of the semester.

2. Status Report Requirement

Client also agreed on being one of the recipient of the weekly status report.

3. Internet connection

The Client gave us the address of a ftp site at lawrence livermore, also he provided with a the URL of the web page. Our username and password were also given. ftp://odo.llnl.gov http://www.llnl.gov/nai/group/introh.html


We were given an overview of the CSL lab and the project at hand. Further, some of the possible requirements were mentioned. We will soon be getting an e-mail on detailed project specifications. Most of them were included in SDP.

Submitted By: Aasif Syed

Teleconference Meeting Minutes 9/18/97

1. Meeting cancelled

The client was unable to attend the scheduled meeting, so it was cancelled.

Submitted By: azs

Teleconference Meeting Minutes 9/25/97

1. Disclosure Statement

The client has the paper work ready and will fax it as soon as possible.

2. X-windows

More research need to be done on X-windows and STL library will be sent to us by the client.

3. Trip to California

The client agreed on the date of the trip being on 9th of October.

4. Receiving code and Map file

The client offered to write some code as a demo to use some of the functions of the programs provided by him.

5. Clients Vision on application

Discussed Ideas for step by step procedure of what the program will go through.

Submitted By: azs

Teleconference Meeting Minutes 10/2/97

1. Disclosure Statement

The disclosure statement will be faxed to us soon.

2. Trip to California

No change on the trip status. Client might send us hotel info.

3. Specifications Document

Client suggested some minor changes.

4. Project Proposal Document

Some of the details of the proposal document were discussed.

Submitted By: Aasif Syed

Client Meeting Minutes 10/9/97

1. FTP Related Issues

Problems faced by the group in receiving and interpreting files sent by the client were discussed.

2. Windows

Exact description of the windows in the project was created.

3. Functions

Attributes of functions were discussed in detail.

4. Project Necessities

Discussed the minimum requirements of the project.

Submitted By: Aasif Syed

Teleconference Meeting Minutes 10/16/97


The group will send a hard copy of the finished proposal document.


The GUI that livermore is using is copy righted and can't be sent.


Discussed with the client a possible function for the looks like prototype.


Next teleconference meeting will be held on Tuesday 10/21 at 10:45 am.


Client will be sending us code for MOTIF and other sample code.

Submitted By: Aasif Syed

Teleconference Meeting Minutes 10/21/97

1. Screen Shot

Discussed the proposed screen shot by the group.

2. Proposal Document

Document was discussed in detail.

3. MOTIF Code

Client will soon send us the files.

4. Next Meeting

Next teleconference will held be on the usual Thursday at 10:45 am.

Submitted By: Aasif Syed

Teleconference Meeting Minutes 11/6/97

1. Kevin's Introduction

Kevin was introduced to the client.

2. Disclosure for Kevin

The client will fax the paper work.

3. OMT Presentation

The team will be presenting their omt design on Wednesday 11/12/97 at 11: 00am.


The team will go through their looks like with the client on next week's thursday meeting.

Submitted By: Aasif Zahid

Teleconference Meeting Minutes 11/13/97

1. "Looks Like Prototype"

The team demonstrated the looks like prototype to the client and got feedback on it.

Submitted By: Aasif Syed