Our Problem

The Hawaiian Ecosystem High Temperature Alert System project aims to identify warning signs of ecological vulnerabilities in Hawaii due to climate change. This includes natural disasters such as wildfires, coral bleaching, and harmful temperatures in tropical forests. To address this issue, the project aims to provide a software that can automatically identify warning signs and alert users. This software will be available to the public and be open source for further research and optimization.

Our Solution

Our solution will be a web application written with Javascript and Python. The web app will display near real-time and historical thermal data from Nasa satellites. This thermal data will be displayed on a virtual globe. Users will be able to set real-time alerts on custom regions that alerts the user if the region exceeds a custom temperature threshold.

Technical Requirements

  • NASA Ecostress

    This API will be used to retrieve near real-time thermal data from NASA satellites

  • NAU Monsoon

    This will be used to retrieve, process, and send thermal data from NASA Ecostress to the web application

  • Github

    This will be used by the team for version control

  • Mapbox

    This API will be used by the team to render the thermal data on a virtual world




Our code base can be found on Github.


A demo video of our product can be found here.