Project Overview

Original gaming projects are difficult to come by. As a result, there has been a wave of games re-imagined from their earlier versions, such as Doom ported to console or, more recently, the O.G.R.E. board game brought to life as a computer game. The latter, it is noted, is based on a book and was part of a wave of board games based on Sci-fi stories, such as Avalon Hill’s Starship Troopers (based on the Robert Heinlein novel). Bringing these games to computers and console is valuable for nostalgia, for introducing older games to a fresh audience, and to give development teams new material on which to sharpen their skills. In that spirit, I would like to revive a fairly straight-forward non-monetized gambling game from 1980. In that year, author C. J. Cherryh wrote Serpent’s Reach and created a fictional game called Sej that she used as a plot point in the novel. At the end of the novel, she provided the rules for the game, which fans used and found simple but interesting to play.


The requirements for this project can be split up into the following four categories: The above requirements were identified through the process of requirements acquisiton. This consisted of multiple meetings with the sponsor and frequent discussion of the project amongst the members of the group.


Our solution is an improved version of the version of Sej that our client created. In order to accomplish this goal we plan to implement the following: