Our team's solution for this project is a Windows Desktop Application that uses OpenCV Object Detection Framework to find the alignment dot in an image from NPOI's camera. Once found, the application will be able to find the necessary adjustments required to align the mirrors with the center of this dot.

Here is the final application

Brief Overview

This application utilizes two threads for the Back-end image processing and the Front-end user interface. NPOI's camera sends a series of images to the computer in some directory. Using the input path field, our program pulls in the latest image from that directory at a specified frame rate and processes it with OpenCV. For each image frame, OpenCV searches the image for the brightest cluster of pixels, which is the alignment dot. Once the bright mass of pixels is found, contours are formed around the dot and the perfect center is calculated. Our application then finds the necessary adjustments to move the crosshair to the calculated center of the dot. These measurements are displayed in the measurement section.

Additional Features