Spectrographs allow us to gather detailed information about the composition of astral bodies, providing insight and helping humans make critical assessments. Professional astronomers, like our clients at Lowell Observatory, use these tools every day to gather data for their work. Problematically, many commercial spectrographs lack free, easy-to-use software that allow the user to accessibly and remotely operate them. Our goal is to produce an open-source tool that will eliminate this problem, allowing researchers to quickly, conveniently operate their spectrographs and interact with the data that they collect.

Meet the team

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Jacob Penney

Team Lead

Email: jmp458@nau.edu

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Henry Fye


Email: shf26@nau.edu

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Jakob Pirkl


Email: jap743@nau.edu

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Kadan Seward

Release Manager

Email: kos34@nau.edu

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Nhat Linh Nguyen


Email: lnn45@nau.edu

Behind Empyrean

Rudhira Talla


Email: rt693@nau.edu

Dr. Joe Llama


Email: joe.llama@lowell.edu

Organization: Lowell Observatory