Welcome to Ceres

Ceres is working on creating a GUI interface for large stream analysis for all-sky astronomical measurements. We hope to build tools that will be useful in the big data revolution for astronomy so that researchers can better understand the formation of our solar system and its place in the universe.

The Team


Miles Barrios

Architect, Coder

Zachary Messenger

Recorder, Coder

Javier Quintana

Team Leader, Coder

Joseph Sirna

Release Manager, Coder

Computer Science

Computer Science

Applied Computer Science

Computer Science

Work Experience:

Data Structures and Operating Systems Teaching Assistant

Intership at State farm Insurance Company

Work Experience:

Apprentice Programmer - NAU

Internship at Sidlinger Computer Corporation

Work Experience:

IT Support Analyst, NAU Student Tech Center

Mobile App Developer

Work Experience:

5 years of C# .NET development experience



David Trilling

Professor and Interim Chair - NAU

Department of Astronomy and Planetary Science

Michael Gowanlock

Assistant Professor

School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems

Team Mentor


Fabio Santos

Project Overview

Through the use of all sky surveys, astronomers all over the world collect and store data related to both large and small bodies in space. It is their goal to gain knowledge over the formation of both our solar system and the universe through these surveys. However, as technology has been advancing, the amount of data being collected has increased significantly. And soon there will be no manual way to analyze all of the data that is collected.

Our goal is to develop tools necessary for the analysis of these large streams of data. That is we want to make a web based interface for analyzing and querying these large sets of data. In the above video, we outlined the project itself and our process for working with our clients to both collect and develop the requirements needed for the web interface we are going to create. This will make the ingestion, management, and analysis of these all sky surveys possible as the big data revolution comes to astronomy.

Design Review

Design Review 2

Design Review 3

Team Ceres Final Prestentation


Team Ceres Release Schedule


Release Date

Dry Run Capstone Presentation April 13
Finished Team Website April 16
Capstone Poster April 16
Capstone Presentation April 16
Acceptance Test Demo April 23
Final Project Report April 29
User Manual and Checkoff Sheet April 29
Team Reflection Document April 29