A User-friendly Platform for Visualizing Tree Growth

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Trees play an extremely important role in Earth’s climate behavior. They cover around 50% of Earth’s land area and contain upwards of 90% of the global vegetation carbon. This means that a lot of CO2 that humans emit is being taken in by trees and used for their growth. Observing tree growth patterns can lead to a better understanding of how trees and climate interact with each other. These observations can also be used to predict the effects of climate change in the future.

To better understand how certain factors affect trees, Dr. Kiona Ogle and Dr. Michael Fell of Ogle Labs developed a simulation that shows a tree’s growth over time. The simulation is called the Allometrically Constrained Growth and Carbon Allocation (ACGCA) model. It uses over 30 input parameters to run the simulation, which calculates the state of the tree over time. The output of the model contains useful information such as the tree’s height, trunk radius, the carbon in the leaves and trunk, etc.

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Project Description

The Problem

The issue is that the model currently has a very small user base. This is due to it not being user-friendly and not being available online. It is not user-friendly for the following reasons: