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Next Generation BTU -

Proof of Concept

Project Description

Honeywell produces Enginge Control Units(ECUs) that are responsible for monitoring airplane engines during flight to ensure no problems occur. The FAA have strict regulations in place regarding ECUs to ensure the safety of flights. In order to guarantee that they meet these regulations Honeywell has developed Bench Test Utilities(BTUs) that are used by engineers to write tests for ECUs, confirming expected operation of the ECUs.
The current version of the BTU has three main problems:
  • Only runs on Windows XP
  • Only allows one engineer to use it at a time
  • Requires the engineer to leave his work station to use, wasting valuable time
We are going to solve all three of these issues by developing a new version of the BTU that is web-based. This will allow it to run in a internet browser on any OS and allow any number of engineers to simultaneously write tests from their usual work stations.

The initial concept for this project was provided by our sponsor, in the form of a Capstone project proposal

Current Bench Test Enviormnet

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Team Lead: Emilio Sifuentes

Project Mentor: Austin Sanders