Meet the Team

Here is the team that brought you Smart Shopping.

Christopher Simcox

Backend Lead Developer

Hello my name is Christopher and I currently am a Student Web Developer at NAU. I have experience in web development, mobile application development and low level C programming. In my freetime I love to solve problems I have day to day by trying out solutions on a mobile platform as well as learning new languages.

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Kristoffer Schindele

Frontend Developer

Hello! My name is Kris, and I currently work as a Web Development Intern at NAU as well as a Grant Researcher for Flagstaff Medical Center. I have experience in web development, system administration, and database management.

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Kalen Wood-Wardlow

Team Lead

Hi my name is Kalen, and I am currently a Teaching Assistant at NAU for the Data Structures and Algorithms class taught in Java. I have experience in mobile apps, full-stack web development, and game development. I love to learn new programming languages, and frameworks that I can create new projects that I would consider a good idea to make.

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Thomas Back

Frontend Lead Developer

Hi I'm Thomas Johan Back and I'll be handling the meeting minutes and recording of direction and decisions as well as front end development. I'm an NAU student currently employed with an IT internship at USGS but have many academic and self-pursued projects in web development, mainly with Angular and Nodejs. I love to get lost in sound engineering and music production on my own time as well as learning spoken languages.

Dr. Michael Leverington

Our Team Sponsor and Mentor. Current Lecturer at Northern Arizona University.