Here you can view and download our documentation related to this project.


The following documents are available for download now:

Document name Description Last Updated Download
Team Inventory This document details each members relevant experiences and abilities coming into this project. 09/20/2017
Team Standards Agreed upon standards to how we will conduct our workflow, meetings, decision making and overall vision for cooperation and teamwork. 09/20/2017
Project Mini Intro Slideshow The slideshow used to introduce the project to the capstone class. 10/02/2017
Development Environment Proposal Sheet Compares and contrasts potential development environments suitable for our application's development. 11/05/2017
Technology Feasibility Report A comprehensive report of the different tools at our disposal and our reasoning for using said tools. 11/06/2017
Design Review 1 Slides for our first design review. 11/18/2017
Requirements Specification Requirements document for Smart Shopping app. 12/05/2017
Software Design Document that outlines our design for Smart Shopping application. 02/15/2018
Design Review 2 Slides for our second design review. 03/08/2018
Software Testing Plan Document that outlines our testing plan for Smart Shopping. 04/03/2018
Design Review 3 Slides for our third design review. 04/12/2018
Final UGRADS Presentation Final powerpoint presentation slides we used to present our work at UGRADS. 04/23/2018
Capstone Poster Poster we created for display at UGRADS. 04/23/2018
Final Report Final report summing up the final update for this project for this capstone. 05/07/2018