About The Disease Outbreaks Capstone Team

The disease outbreaks capstone team consists of Abdulaziz Alhawas, JP Labadie, Jordan Marshall, and Luis Valenzuela. The team
has a mix of different skill sets and experience levels but were all exicted to be working on this project. Below are some profiles
that contain information about each team member.

Abdulaziz Alhawas (Architect)

Abdulaziz is an undergraduate CS student at NAU. While studying at NAU, Abdulaziz became skilful in many programming languages like Python, Java, and C. Abdulaziz worked as an assistant software engineer at Advanced Electronics Company. He developed a family of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems to collect, manage, and analyze data from smart meters, also built an automated health monitoring system for the AMR project, and Worked with teams ranging in size from 2-11 developers where he built strong and effective team- dynamic by establishing different communication channels with the team members. One of Abdulaziz’s weakness is the lack of experience in GUI development.

Relevant coursework at NAU:

Jean-Paul Labadie (Team Leader)

JP is the Disease Outbreaks team leader. JP is a non-traditional student who has trained and worked as a teacher and is currently the president of NAU’s ACM club. Over the summer, he worked on course-development in the CS department, including implementing a web-application for automated grading for the Data Structures class. He is also working for NAU and the Grand Canyon River Association on the Online Launch Calendar, a Java-based web application currently being redesigned in Ruby with Ruby on Rails. Outside his professional activities, he enjoys getting outside and things like running, hiking, camping, and rock-climbing. Relevant Coursework at NAU: Embedded Systems, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Data Structures, Software Engineering Relevant Coursework at UofA: Object Oriented Programming, Programming in Python

Relevant coursework at NAU:
Relevant coursework at UofA:

Jordan Marshall (Release Manager)

Jordan is beginning his fourth year at NAU, and has entry level experience pertaining to this project. For the past five months he has been working in NAU’s marketing department as a part of the web development team. This work has given him experience in development as a team, great communication skills, setting and meeting deadlines, the Git workflow, and proficiency with MacOS X. Even though he does not have much experience with Python, he does have ample experience in other object oriented languages such as Java and C#, as well as some scripting knowledge through Javascript.

Relevant coursework at NAU:

Luis Valenzuela (Customer Communicator)

Luis has long had an interest in Graphical User Interfaces. He hasn’t worked with Python recently, but maintains a high level understating of the language. He has worked for both Reslife’s IT department and CSA’s IT department. From this he has gained experience with communication along with problem solving skills that are needed for jobs of that nature.

Relevant coursework at NAU:

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