Quick facts

Team MCM Localization is the Computer Science Capstone team workin on the MoneyClip Mobile Localization project. They are composed of 4 skilled members as well as a team mentor.


General Information

This is the homepage for the MCM Localization Team. The team consists of Kimberly Oyama, Chihiro Sasaki, Daren Rodhouse, and Blayne Kennedy. Dr. John Georgas is the mentor for the team and more infomation on both the team members as well as Dr. Georgas can be found in our Meet the Team section or Here.

About the Project

The localization features of MoneyClip Mobile (MCM) will provide customers with targeted advertisements and coupons that will be an additional feature to an existing web-based payments infrastructure. With request from Mr. Joshua Cross of Hermes Commerce, Inc., this project aims to provide the localization features and customer data analysis to aid in the further development of the existing MCM system. To get a better understanding of the project in more depth see our Project section or Here.

Sponsor Information

This project is sponsored by Joshua Cross, who is the CTO of Hermes Commerce.