NAU Computer Science Capstone: Spring 2009

TIST: Quantifier Web Portal

Sponsor: Clean Air Action Corporation

Mentor: Dieter Otte


The sponsor for the Quantifier Web Portal project is The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST). TIST is a subsidiary of the Clean Air Action Corporation. TIST is a nonprofit organization and its main goal is to reverse deforestation in under-developed countries. TIST started its work in Tanzania, where continued slash and burn farming techniques had not only destroyed the forests but rendered a large percentage of the soil infertile.

TIST helps communities through education and tree planting. They educate communities on farming techniques that utilizes the tools already available to the communities. They also provide the people with nutrition and health education, in hopes to help improve the general health of these poorer countries. TIST helps communities by also providing basic business education as well.