Project Location

The ASCE 2022 Intermountain Southwest Symposium is held at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). 

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Project Description

The overall purpose of the project is to design and construct a concrete canoe with the ability to float. Guidelines for the project are provided by the ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition Committee. The canoe will then be raced against 12 other schools in the region, for the Intermountain Southwest Symposium.

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Task 1: Enhanced Focus Area

The enhanced focus area allows for the team to choose a topic(s) to direct the focuses of the project. The chosen enhanced focus area will decide the succedding tasks. 

Task 2: Mix Design

The team will create a mix design based on parameters put forth in the 2022 ASCE Concrete Canoe Guidelines. This task includes research, developing an initial mix, testing, and creating a final mix design. 

Task 3: Hull Design

This task consists of hull design research, modeling software use, structural analysis, and creating a final hull design. 

Task 4: Reinforcement

This task consists of reinforcement research, analysis and testing, and the final design of the reinforcement.

Task 5: Construction

This task consists of several sub-tasks regarding the construction of the mold, curing chamber, and canoe. This task also inlcudes the removal of the canoe from the mold, the canoe aesthetics, and constructing a stand for the canoe. 

Task 6: Conference Deliverables

This task consists of the major conference deliverables, which includes the conference technical proposal, enhanced focus area report, conference presentation, transporation of the canoe, and racing. Some of the tasks are to be complete and submitted before conference begins, while other tasks will take place at conference. 

Task 7: Deliverables for CENE 486

This task consists of all the deliverables that are needed to be completed for the capstone class, CENE 486. 

Task 8: Project Management

This task consists of project meetings, budget management, schedule management, and fundraising. 

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Project Schedule

The critical path is indicated in red.

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Staffing Positions

Staffing Matrix

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Cost Estimate

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Conference Results

Presentation -            1st Place
Final Product -           1st Place
Project Proposal -     3rd Place
EFA Report -               3rd Place
Racing -                       4th Place
Overall -                       2nd Place

The Ponderosa Pincones competed at the Intermountain Southwest Symposium May 14th-16th at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The team competed against schools from Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Idaho. The final summary of how the team ranked can be seen to the left.

The photo below on the left shows the conference presentation and the photo on the right shows the womens sprint.

Presentation at Conference
Photo Credit: Frankie Martinez
Womens Sprint Race
Photo Credit: Alexa Rosenthal
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