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Hourly Staffing Breakdown

Table 1 displays the projected breakdown for the distribution of the staffing man hours below represent the estimated working hours broken down for each major task per staffing role. Table 2 displays the finalized breakdown for the distribution of the staffing man hours broken down for each major task per staffing role. It is clearly shown that the lab tech and EIT has most hours required for the project due to the extensive amount of analysis and lab data collection on the site. The project manager has the least number of hours predicted to work on the project due the number of other projects and roles occurring at the same time. They are the greatest amount of cost and responsibility for the project due to their experience in the specific field. It was determined that the total hours to complete the project was about 685 hour, which was underestamated from CENE 476 by about 200 hours.  

Table 1:  Projected Staffing Table with Hourly breakdown
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Table 2: Finalized  Staffing Table with Hourly breakdown
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Staffing Roles & Responsibilities

The staff below are the five personnel responsible for the execution and completion of the project at Cam-boh Picnic Area. The personnel working on the project include: Project Manager (PM), Project Engineer (PE), Engineer in Training (EIT), intern, and Lab Technician.

Project Manager

The project manager responsible for the oversite towards completion of the project, as well as, managing coordination, execution, and control of the employees. The project manager is self-motivated to meet budgetary objectives, enforce adjustments to the project based on financial analysis and the needs of the client, and be the point of contact for the project.


Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Engineering

Acquired 5+ years’ experience

Knowledge in field of land development

Experience in project management

Experience with inventory control and Procore software

Preferred Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Project Engineer

The project engineer is responsible for the design and implementation of technical deliverables by performing the analyses, and creating plan sets. This role will also support in resolving issues by the employees, and instruct the EIT, intern, and lab technician.The project engineer is able to effectively communicate with managers, junior staff members, and vendors and is able to solve practical problems and compose tangible solutions.


Aqcuired 5 or less years' experience of land development

Acquired supervised experience under project manager aiding in management role

Able to commit to 6- or 12-month assignments

Able to utilize AutoCAD, Procore, and Bluebeam

Preferred a professional engineering license (PE) or field experience between five to ten years

Engineer in Training

The EIT is responsible for preforming engineering tasks under close supervision of the project engineer and is encouraged to solve engineering problems using experience, judgement, and education but is expected to ask for assistance when needed. In addition, the EIT will analyze pre-existing reports, maps, drawings, and aerial photographs on the soil composition, hydrological characteristics, and other topographic features and will research codes and permitting requirements for the intended project site.


a minimum Bachelor’s degree in engineering from a four-year accredited college or university

Passed Fundamental Enineering Exam (FE)

Applied as Engineer in Training (EIT)

Acquired knowledge or experience with AutoCAD and Civil 3D

Able to troubleshoot design or software issues


The intern is responsible for completing basic engineering tasks related to the design, analysis, test, and operations of the project. The role will include preforming documentation and tracks documents for reports, and assisting the EIT and project engineer in assigned tasks. The functions of this role consist of preparing maps, visiting the site, and aiding the lab technician in completing the collection of data. This role will include shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with the professionals included on the project.


Enrolled currently or recent graduated at a four-year university with an accredited engineering program

Lab Technician

The lab technician is responsible for participating in field site visits to determine parameters of data, preforming collection of data, using it to complete various lab tests, and creating report per the findings relating to the project of interest. It is required that the lab technician has good written communication and math skills as well as strong attention to detail is required.The lab technician will report to the Project Manager or the Project Engineer with the findings and site concerns.


Minimum of one applicable certification

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