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Cost of Engineering Services

The staffing for this project has changed slightly due to a decrease in team size from four members to three. Previously the four team members were divided into a specific role that varied for each task of the project. With only three team members finishing the project, the number of hours for each team member in each task increased after the 60% milestone, and was completed as the team proceeded with the project with one less team member. Table 3 provides the original projected  cost of engineering services determined in CENE 476C and Table 4 provides the final total   cost of engineering services finalized aftert he completion of CENE 486C. The Engineer in training, lab technician, and intern work closely with each other performing a majority of the work while the project manager and project engineer were in a supervising role for each specific task. The total cost of engineering services will be about $24,308. Because of working with one less person this semester, the cost of engineering services decreased by about $5,113. 

Table 3: Projected Costs of Engineering Services
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Table 4: Finalized Cost of Engineering Services
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