The project location: Old Town Frame Company

Project Constraints
The project constraints will revolve around the schedule, cost and the scope as the limiting
factors. This project will focus more on the research, testing, and design for the site development
process rather than the actual construction phases. Both the timeline and the construction process
dictate that construction will occur after the capstone class has ended. Other constraints will be
identified as needed as the project progresses.

Project Tasks

Task 1: Due Diligence

The goal of due diligence was to locate government records which were used to determine the
project site’s existing boundaries based on data gathered during land survey. This was completed
in January 2019.

Task 2: Site Investigation

The goal of the site investigation was to gather physical data of the property for later use in the
design process. This included soil sampling for geotechnical testing, land survey for topographic
mapping and site planning, and a lot sketch for a general understanding of the property.

Task 3: Geotechnical Analysis

Task 4: Site Topo Map

The goal of creating a site topographic mapping was to process data collected during survey in a
computer-aided drafting format. This was then used to determine site elevations which were
necessary for designing the proposed site plan.

Task 5: Parking Lot Design

The proposed site plan serves as the main milestone for this project. The proposed site plan
serves as an erosion control plan, grading plan, and drainage plan combined into one document.
The erosion control aspects are also shown as details in the construction documents which were
gathered from county construction standards. The purpose of these is to define possible
mitigation methods which will be used during construction to prevent soil erosion onto other
properties and temporarily control drainage prior to completion.

Task 6: Create Construction Plans

The purpose of this task is to provide existing map for the property and topographic map of the property to be used in design the proposed parking lot, and the erosion control.

Task 7: Project Management

The purpose of this task is to establish a communication system between the team and the client to coordinate on the expectation of the client and the acomlishment of the team on the site as well as meeting the client's requirement and expectation.

Photo Gallery

The following photo represent the site that the team will work with


East of the property


Retaining wall located at North-east of the property


South-east of the property beside existing structure


A manhole, part of the property exisiting utility located at south-west of the property.


The enterance of the property located at the south-west of the property.


The proposed parking location located at the south-west of the property.


Proposed driveway in-front of the building, mid of the property.

Task 4: Site topomap completion


Task 2: site investigation completion