Last Updated: April 5, 2017

Project Information


The CAM site, also known as El Oro Mine, is located in Mohave County, approximately two miles southeast of Chloride, Arizona. Its cadastral description is Township 23 North, Range 18 West, Section 11, Northwest Quarter. The CAM site is not a populated area; however, Chloride is the closest populated area and most recently reported a population of 271 people. The current status of CAM site is "past producer," its operational status was "shipping". The former means that the mine is no longer operational; the latter indicates during its operation the site was primarily used to ship mined materials from surrounding mines.

Green Map

Gantt Chart


Task 1 Work Plan

The development of the Work Plan provides logistical framework for successful project completion. This document includes the Health and Safetly Plan (HASP) and Sampling Analysis Plan (SAP).

Task 2 Field Work

For efficiency, all fieldwork will be consolidated into one on-site visit. Site reconnaissance will evaluate off-site and on-site conditions. Samples will be taken using a systematic approach, which will provide the most representative characterization.

Task 3 Laboratory Analysis

Samples taken from the CAM site will be prepped and tested in the NAU lab prior to third-party lab analysis.

Task 4 Risk Assessment

The risk assessment performed for the CAM site will include evaluations of the human health and ecological risk. The human health risk will be determined quantitatively, while the ecological risk will be evaluated qualitatively.

Task 5 Final PA/SI Report

The completion of the PA/SI will be in accordance with 40 CFR Part 300. Previous project tasks will be summarized and documented within the final PA/SI report. The report will detail activities and research relating to existing information, field and lab work, and risk assessment