Project Information

Project Location

The project is located in Flagstaff, Arizona on the south side of Northern Arizona University. Specifically the southeast maintainence door at Rolle Activity Center and the basin south of Pine Knoll Dr. north of the APS Substation (yellow).



The project's constraints are to eliminate flooding from the flooding area seen above (red) and transport the water across Pine Knoll Dr. for grey water utilization.


Schedule of Tasks

The tasks necessary to complete the project are listed in the Gantt Chart below, displaying the team's schedule.


Design Alternatives

The figures below represent the three alternatives considered to mitage flooding from Rolle Activity Center:

Alternative #1: Culvert Design


Alternative #2: Well and Sump Pump Design


Alternative #3: Regrade Design


Final Design

The final design selected was the well and sump pump design due to it meeting both constraints of mitagating flooding from Rolle Activity Center and transporting the water across Pine Knoll Dr. for grey water utilization to irrigate a proposed garden.


Design Plan Set
Fall 2017

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Task Hours / Consulting Cost
Fall 2017

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