Sonoran Desert National Monument


This Preliminary Assessment & Site Inspection (PA/SI) has been created for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), with regards to the Sonoran Desert National Monument (SDNM) Recreational Shooting Site Project (RSSP). This joint project between Northern Arizona University (NAU) and the BLM is an educational exercise, as well as an opportunity for the BLM to have areas of interest analyzed for risks associated with heavy metals contamination. ASK Haz Waste’s findings are the hill sites show higher average concentrations of the contaminants of concern (COC), as compared to the road sites. In addition, these hill sites contain areas that are over Arizona’s residential and nonresidential concentrations for the COCs. It is ASK Haz Waste’s recommendation that the BLM seek further investigation into the extent of contamination of the hill sites, as well as, commission studies into the extent of contamination of the ephemeral natural channels that run adjacent to the hill sites. The documents below shows all written reports and presentatioms.   

Final Proposal

Work Plan

Final Preliminary Assessment & Site Inspection

Final Presentation