Project Information


The project is located in Flagstaff, Arizona directly south of South Pine Knoll Drive. The site is located on soil consisting of mainly lean clay to a depth of 5 to 10 feet, determined by a soil report conducted by Western Technologies Inc. 

The exact specifications for the wall are given as follows:

The rest of the specifications including deck length and deck supports are determined through the design process. The length of the lumber piles will be determined by a lateral pile analysis using the determined wind load and information given in the Western Technologies Inc. geotechnical report.



Structural Analysis

A complete structural analysis will be done to ensure structural stability of the wall. The structural analysis will be based on the ASCE Standard: Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.
Wind Load
The main focus of the structural analysis will be the determination of wind load. Instead of assuming a conservative wind load, chapters 26-30 of the code will be followed meticulously to determine an accurate wind load. The wind load will be used in the geotechnical analysis to assist in the design of the piles.
Live Load, Dead Load, and Snow Load
Live load, dead load, and snow load will be determined following chapters 4, 3, and 7 in the code, respectively. The determined loads will be used in the secondary geotechnical analysis and to make any modifications necessary to the original design.

Geotechnical Analysis

The geotechnical report completed by Western Technologies Inc. will be used to obtain the values needed for a geotechnical analysis. The report was complete for an area on the NAU Campus in Flagstaff, Arizona where a proposed Training and Development Center was to be located.
Lateral Pile Analysis
A lateral pile analysis will be done for the two main 12’’ lumber poles of the wall. The length of the piles will be determined from this analysis. Brom’s Method will be used to conduct the analysis. The bearing capacity of the soil will be determined by Terzaghi’s equation and by assumption made from the soil types given in the geotechnical report. The calculations will be made based on the wind load determined in the structural analysis.

Secondary Analysis
A secondary analysis will be done on two 6” lumber poles supporting the deck of the structure. Live, dead, and snow loads will be used to determine the capacity of the pile.

Structural Design

The structural design will be based on the specifications given in the project description. A deck will be located 9 feet above the ground and will extend 4 feet out from the wall. A simple guardrail will be designed for the deck. Two 6 inch poles will support the deck. Exact design of the deck will be done when determining dead load. These dimensions may be modified after all major components are analyzed with the determined loads. The belay cable components will not be designed. Four major sections will be designed; specifically, the two foundation sections, the deck to wall connection, and the wall to pole connection.